Synthetic Field Maintenance

SportCare is the premier field management company that offers maintenance programs for synthetic sports fields and recreations areas

Synthetic fields represent a substantial investment. These fields require minimal maintenance which will provide a safe and playable surface and extend the life of the field. However, those who do utilize these playing surfaces soon realize that they do require care and attention to maintain the original level of safety and “playability,” as well as preserve longevity.

1. Site Field Inspection

Sportcare SportCare provides an overall analysis and inspection of the field(s) and its applicable systems, including fiber wear analysis, ultraviolet degradation, infill depth and consistency, infill migration, field edging attachment, sewn and glued seams, field anchoring system, drainage system, field paint, line verification, curbing, static charge, base integrity and field inserts (inlays, goal posts,electrical boxes).

2. Decompaction, Deep Cleaning and Fine Grooming

This is a 3-Step process that includes:

  • Decompact infill to increase shock absorbency, enhance drainage and bring trapped debris to the surface. Run a 4’ x 48” magnet to remove harmful metal objects.
  • Deep clean the field using the rotary brush/vacuum device to remove debris/dust and sift infill material directly back into the field in equal measures
  • Fine groom the field using a rigid brush/vacuum device to level displaced infill material and remove any fine debris remaining on the surface.

3. Applications of Anti-microbial Solutions and Disinfectants

Our technicians spray the necessary anti-microbial agents (EPA registered), which help prevent Staph and MRSA, keeping your field “healthy” for players.

4. Replacement of Rubber/Sand Infill Mix

In high-use areas the infill becomes displaced causing excessive wear of the synthetic fibers. Our technicians will replenish infill mix to bring it up to original specifications.


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