Snow Removal

Let SportCare professionals properly maintain your fields - to ensure maximum playability!

1. Improper snow plowing can result in damage to the fields not covered in your warranty!

2. Ice melt/salt can damage the field and cause skin irritation to your athletes.
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SportCare has the proper equipment and knowledge to plow your synthetic turf without damaging it.

Snow removal quotations are based on various criteria including, but not limited to:

  • The number of inches of snow on the field to be removed
  • Surrounding areas of the field
  • Ability to remove snow to out-of-bounds areas
  • Distance between sideline area and synthetic track surface
  • Pre-existing snow/ice conditions on the field
  • Type of snow conditions
  • Travel/mobilization distances
  • Time-table of snow removal (within 24 hours of a storm, 24-48 hours, or 72 hours thereafter).